Trung Phan


However you found your way here I hope you will stay a moment, and look around at some of my favorite moments I have captured. I enjoyed shooting all of these photos as much as they enjoyed their wedding. And maybe we will have that chance to work together too. Coffee, conversation, and a photoshoot. As small as a portrait to something as large as a four day adventure to Iceland.

Featured Photo from Cameron and Patty's wedding. This was a quiet moment with the Bride and her mother. Her mother gave her a blessing right after the wedding.

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Back to St. Johns Bridge, Valentines day in Portland
Botanical Garden Engagement photoshoot. Knoxville TN
Wedding at the River Place
Elopement with a twist. Mammoth cave and wigwams!
Getting blown off Roan Mountain for engagement photos. Worth it.
I and They
We shoot weddings for the moments, the prayers, the love. The following moments happened in thirty seven seconds of the wedding day.
IKEA, Let's Shoot our Engagement Photos in IKEA
Lets talk about the lighting in here.
Right before I left Athens TN, I met an old friend for her wedding.
Going into 2017 with a couples shoot.
Shawn and Darisha Preview
The Monochrome Wedding
The Viking Wedding with De and Andrew
To the Heart of Portland, Oregon
Under a waterfall, a couples shoot in the cold