Trung Phan

My name is Trung and I am a wedding photographer based in Portland Oregon that travels all over the United states. I moved from Tennessee to Portland in 2017 to give my photography the chance it deserved to bloom into the style it naturally leaned towards. Now I get to hike MT. Hood with my couples, drive to the beach on the Oregon Coast to capture their engagement photos, and then fly to the ballroom to capture their wedding day. I have the most incredible job in the world and I hope I get the chance to work for you too.

Image of the Month!

This one is pretty personal to me for an image of the month.

So whats new? The whole website! It might look roughly the same but now there are new functions and a lot more functionality on the back end! So expect bugs and visual inconsistencies till we find them all and stomp them out. None the less I plan to make sure that none of these stop your experience looking through the website, and seeing photos.

Shooting at Sunset on Grayson Highlands

With the Llamas

I and They