Trung Phan

I am a photographer based out of Vancouver Washington. I explored the idea of photography in college as an addition to my theatre career. But very quickly it became apparent that my photography had eclipsed my future in theatre. After graduating with a double major in photography and theatre, I began to pursue Wedding photography immediately. 

when I took charge at my first wedding that year, I knew what I was destined to do. I love to see the love in couples and the effort put into their wedding.  The quiet tender moments in between the loud celebration that is a wedding. The families are intoxicatingly joyous, and the life that all the energy gives me during their special day is indescribable.
Now I have certain goals in my wedding photography.  The first one is to set a new standard for myself every time I meet a new couple.  Commonly I can be a weddings weekly but this is a their one day, and they deserve the attention and energy I give as if it is my last and best wedding.  Secondly, I want everyone to have fun.  I want the photography to be something enjoyable, not just something the bride and groom need to have done.  I enjoy family photos, bridal party photos, being with the newlyweds, and I get the pleasure of preserving their day.
Finally, I never want to stop reinventing myself.  I will need your help to do that.  Please check below for PDFs and information packages if you would like to set up a meeting, call over Skype or have coffee, and create something that I will love the most, and you will as well.

What is your accreditation, your experience?

I have two degrees from King University. One in Theatre and one in Photography. I then spent the next couple of years shadowing other successful wedding photographers and covering my own weddings. Now I walk on my own and look for the love in every photo.

What equipment do you use? 

I have chosen my gear to accommodate my method of shooting. My gear allows me to move quickly, predict the situation, and provide the quality that I expect out of myself. I have also made sure to keep up with other brands of cameras such as Canon, Olympus, and Nikon to ensure I am never caught in a situation without a camera that I can use.
For the curious:
Sony A7ii,    55mm 1.8
28mm 2.8,   70-200mm 2.8 
85mm 1.4,   Peak design Camera Clip
(3) speedlights, stands, and modifiers
Grey card
And I carry it all in a super neat Peak Design Messenger bag.

What do you wear?

Ummmm khakis.
A button down, brown shoes, my favorite sweater.

Do you charge for travel?

General travel within Washington state and Oregon is complimentary. Any additional travel to the edge of the states or out of state will be worked into the final fee before signing.

How many pictures do you take?

Generally a whole lot! But you will receive an average of 55 photos per hours of service. So after a full day wedding, that's upwards of 700 images! But I want to mention that I keep my energy through your entire wedding, and I value quality over quantity. I plan to work for the entirety of your special day and I  am always looking for the best moments to create a unique image.

How do we book you?

To book me as your photographer please head over to the booking page and take a look at my available packages  I require one third of your final balance during signing. And the final two thirds two weeks before your wedding day.

When will we get our pictures?

I had a friend who got hitched and married but took 8 months to receive her images. I was so upset for her that I refuse to let that be a standard within my own business. I am very proud to say that I have a max 4 week turnaround time. You will receive day after images available for social media and they will also be part of your final collection as well, a mid edit set of update images, and then finally your complete set of photos.

Do you have a second photographer?

Yes! They are available by request. I always have an assistant to help me through the day but to maintain a consistent style of images and maintain the quality that I expect out of my photos I plan to be the man behind the camera 100% of the time. But I also understand that it is important to some to know I have a second photographer. That photographer is always trained by myself or is a working wedding photographer as well.

I've seen your pictures from a variety of weddings, but can we see a whole wedding day from start to finish?

Yes! Just check the gallery page and hit load more through some of the various weddings!

How long will you take to shoot the family photos?

An average of 20 minutes. The family portraits are very important to me because sometimes they are the last time the entire family and friends are in the same place at any given time. But I intend to be as fast as possible because no one likes to stand around waiting to have their photos taken one after another. We will work together to make sure we capture everyone that you would like in the photo and have you guys move on to the next part of your day as soon as possible.

Last question: spirit animal?

Definitely a sky whale.