Trung Phan
To the Heart of Portland, Oregon

"* I was in a rush the last time I wrote the description for this journal entry. I don't think that really does this justice so here it is. fully fleshed out this time!

I arrived in Portland at 9am, to scout out the city before my clients arrived. It was what I would consider the art district of Portland. Right outside the downtown art museum and Theatre area. I took a counter clockwise loop around and around searching for the best locations, knowing that Derek was sure to tell more about the local spots. By the time I came back to my car on the street corner I still had a few minutes before their arrival. I took a second to just take it in, I live here now.

Feeling more like a local I decided that it might be good to actually get a lay of the area. One day I intend to mentally map out the majority of Portlands urban area. Next time I want to find the older parts of the city. The place that had thrived a decade ago but now sits, waiting to be updated.

When Heather and Derek Finally arrived I greeted Heather with a hug. It had been a year and a half since we had previously worked together and neither of us really seem to age. Or for whatever reason we go through a season of change and then we only see each other after the latter and before the next wave of life. Heather and Derek came to visit his family in beaverton. It was very kind of them to take some time of their annual visit to see me, have some photos done, and enjoy the coffee.

I hope you guys enjoy the photos below!"

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