Trung Phan
Going into 2017 with a couples shoot.

"We are all ready to see 2016 go. I will post a look back journal pretty soon but I am a little caught up with giving this year a proper send off. I hope everyone enjoys New Years eve and I will see you next year!

Before the shoot, I went to my a favorite spot of mine on the ocean. Its a little cove on the cliffside that shelters you from the waves but only on low tide. At high tide the spot is underwater, flooded by the ocean just like the caves on the other side of the cliff. I arrived an hour before my photoshoot with the couple and took a second to enjoy the sunlight at noon. The last time I came to the ocean, sand and salt came into my camera lens and I could feel the grit every time I would manually focus for a shot. This time I was a lot more careful.

Ryan and Rebecca, on the beaches of Oregon and ending at Deadman Cove in Washington. Rebecca came to visit for the new year and Ryan thought it was best to have a photoshoot. He thought correctly. We explored the beaches along the coast of Oregon and Washington and found that even in the middle of winter, it is really hard to beat that nice coast sunshine and breeze. The grass field was a great setting in the harsh sun. Then we found some shade and clouds in Deadman's cove. And when we finally called it a day, I headed back home right outside of Portland, and I could tell when I could no longer smell the salted air.

If you are interested in booking your couples shoot this next year, please feel free to contact me on the booking page!"

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