Trung Phan
Botanical Garden Engagement photoshoot. Knoxville TN

Girl goes to University, boy goes to university, they deal with school, and find out they still like each other, so they get engagement photos before the wedding.

Before I met with Jeri and Dean for the engagement shoot, I took a suggestion from Dean. ""What do you think about the Botanical gardens?"" I said that I love the idea, but I've never been there. So I took a drive, navigated Knoxville, and found the gardens tucked away in a neighborhood a few hours before it was time to take photos. As soon as I stepped onto the grounds I had two directions that I wanted to take. The first was towards what I would call a garden of tarnished metal and masonry. The old twisted metal rails connecting the second floors of refurbished offices has a dilapidated charm. Like the garden itself was bringing the man made objects a little bit closer to earth. Bringing out the attractiveness by highlighting small imperfections and magnifying them. Rustic, I would say; but earthy is accurate. The rest of the garden was in bloom, perhaps a little bit more because a storm was on the way. I decided that it was worth taking the chance to get our photos and try to dodge the storm.

It was a holiday so everyone was home with their family, I would have generally been home as well but this was a special exception. The advantage was that we had the entire Botanical Gardens to ourselves.

Fun. Nothing more and nothing less than fun. I hope you guys are well and you enjoyed the Journal entry, Jeri and Dean.

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