Trung Phan
Elopement with a twist. Mammoth cave and wigwams!

"Dear Robin and Brian,

I know that this will take some time to get to you. You are exploring china and living your lives far away from family, home, and the community that you grew up in. We went to college together so to say that I miss your uniqueness is an understatement; especially since I have since gone to the Portland area myself, home of the weird and strange. 

If I can take a moment for pride and be forgiven for it, I will say that you have given me a gift that I covet. The opportunity to say that I might have done a first in the wedding industry. Let me put it in a sentence. You gave me the opportunity to have shot an elopement with, yourselves, the reincarnation of betty Paige and a writer, at the concrete wigwams of Kentucky by/in Mammoth cave. 

The goal that day was to make unforgettable compositions. I had plenty to play with so lets start with where we were staying. The wigwams are a touch of the old, with a touch of the new. I doubted that native Americans had the discovery channel available in the 250 circular foot area. I did not expect the cold so I was very grate full for the shelter in my own wigwam a few from your own. “Stay in a wigwam.” introduced the semicircle of concrete cones that were our shelter.  The neon sign that glowed in the evening gave the space a later 1950s feel.

Hot and cold, hot and cold was the game that we played with the weather. Freezing in the shade where the morning bridal shots were done. Running in to the sun near the end of the morning shoot was a treat as we made our way back to Brian in a suit and leopard print tie, matching your heels. 

Parent and a sister with her husband. The official second set of newlyweds starting that day and no longer the newest. A best friend to witness the matrimony and bring a gift. An original Dali print. The challenge was on, beat the master of the surreal. It was a piece that I had seen in a book before. A waterfall and river with symbolism featuring femininity and anti-culture. If you look closely, you will see where I got the idea for one of our photos in the set. "

"The day was long and short at the same time. A unique day, as much as the couple is. I hope to see you guys again in ten years when you come back from Shanghai. Older, grayer, and still taking photos. You will be just as different, just as fun, and will still make me question out of the two of you, who is more niche."

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