Trung Phan
Right before I left Athens TN, I met an old friend for her wedding.

"I had some layover time in my home town before heading out west. I made the best of the time by sitting at the coffee shop for hours a day, wandering around, and taking photos of everything that came into view. The Beanery Uncorked was the towns hub for wanderers. Before my final day in town I have to admit that I developed a sense of community on my way out. Seeing old high school friends, making new acquaintances at old haunts, and taking on projects that only after college did I feel adequate to take on. Leeann brought me on a project on a hunch and I can happily say that I see her as both a colleague and a friend. It was my surprise that the bride, who's wedding was a weekend away, was someone I knew in class almost nine years prior.

The old woolen mill, a late fall wedding, two hundred guests, and drinks all around. It was as great as a wedding could go. The mill itself was a bit of an oddity that I came to appreciate. Broken glass everywhere, the structures that were destined to collapse on itself at some point in the future. Then again, its already been over a hundred and twenty years standing. It was vast as well, as we were taking photos of the groomsmen, a fashion shoot by another photographer was taking place in the ally by the graffiti on the far side of the building. Residents were coming and going in and out of their homes, but they seemed to know how to stay out of the photos.

The ceremony and reception hall were such a contrast from the outside. Exposed brick walls and antiques encased in glass on the walls. The stage, surrounded by chairs, was ready for the bride and groom. Erica and Nick met in college, love animals, have their home, family, and a community of people that care about them. And the box of wine that Nick ran away with at the sparkler exit."

Thank you for checking out the Journal. Erica and nicks wedding photos are also featured on the gallery page as well as throughout the website. Big Thanks to Leeanh for bringing me on as a second photographer to this wedding.

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