Trung Phan
Back to St. Johns Bridge, Valentines day in Portland

"If you spend enough time in theatre, you can see it in other people. I could see it in Erica; a nanny, an editor, an artist. Her husband, Tyler, a compliment in every way. A perfectly great couple to work with right before Valentine's day. We are all separated by five degrees of friends and acquaintances. The friend of a friend led me to our shoot and the perfect opportunity to be out on a bright warm day at the St. Johns bridge. Brooke joined me for this shoot as my assistant, you can see the journal on her here. 

The turquoise bridge is an easy landmark to find. "" Yeah, lets meet at the green bridge."" It makes me feel like a local knowing exactly where it is. Gothic spires with elegant arches, it's little wonder that it's a staple background to so many portraits, evenings in the sun, weddings at the amphitheater below the bridge. The challenge came with making myself just a little bit different. But you have to start at the start, so we headed to the amphitheatre right below the first support. We began shooting right at the center of the amphitheatre, and we worked our way down to the water. It was a nice day so we had some company all around us, but no one minded that we had cameras going off. I scaled the base of one of the 40 story tall supports, making my way and ( I would say at least) impressive way up to take the photo suspended above Erica and Tyler. We finished off the shoot when we came back from the water to where we began. They were warmed up to the camera, and kept each other close for more warmth.
On the way to the water I got to hear their love story.

"" We met at church, he was part of the introductory team. We had met before but this is where we really began connecting"" I met them right by their 8th month anniversary so this was the first Valentine's together. ""Movie and dinner. Married life.""

"The more time I spend in the Vancouver and portland area the more I come to understand the instincts of the people. When I invited Erica and Tyler to a coffee shop downtown I saw the look I was after, and I had my camera. So the last few photos in this collection are of a slice of their life together. I left TN for the styles appreciated locally to Washington and Oregon. 
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