Trung Phan
Under a waterfall, a couples shoot in the cold

"The story behind one of my featured photos is a fun one. I know patience is a virtue but I am so impatient for this summer. The chance to run around the PDX with a camera, finding parks and waterfalls.

    In the mountains of TN I was brought to a spot known as the blue hole in the blue ridge parkway. As I was preparing myself for the departure from my college town for the last time, I wanted to say goodbye to this beautiful location with a photoshoot. Katelyn and Gabs were the proper models for this photo, young and adventurous, and great actors as well. They needed it to hold a strait face in the cold water that came up to your chest in spots. The first photos were to get them use to me, but honestly they were not anything special. But they were just the prep for the shot of the day. We knew that this was coming but it was time to man up, and lead the charge under the waterfall. No housing for my Sony a7ii and the 55mm 1.8 zeiss lens, just balls. I crouched like shmeagle in the back of the small cave and for the fist time, shot a bronzer panorama. It was a hell of a way to start a new technique that has now become one of my standards. 

    When we got out and back into town, everyone spot off to take care of their daily tasks. Lydia had to go see her family, Katelyn needed to attend class, and Gabe was expected at home. But I asked Katelyn if she could meet me in four hours. I set this time limit on myself to limit my dependency on the Brenizer image. If I couldn’t create the final image in a reasonable amount of time, I needed to develop a new process. The final image is the one you see before you. I put the other shots of the day into storage and gave them one shot for a days worth of work. Katelyn was the first to see and I only released the photos after Gabe had a chance to see the photo in private. 

“ so how did he like it?” on my phone call with Katelyn a few days later

“ He just looked at it with his mouth hanging open for 20 minutes, I think he likes it.”

Thank you for checking out the story behind one of my favorite images. If you would like to book me as your couples photographer or are interested in creating a fine art piece like the one above, please check out the booking page!"

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