Trung Phan
I and They

Whitney and Isaac where the couple I was looking for, because they changed how I saw photography.

I had to get them in front of the camera and have their photo done. Two months prior to this shoot we had a day to just to get to know one another. A day of hanging out and looking around, we explored the quant town of Johnsborough TN. I already knew where we were going to end up shooting the photos but I needed to get to know them more. Then on the 4th of July we made a photo for them. Now they knew me, it was just time to wait for everything else to come together.

Months later it was time to shoot the photos we were really after. Sweaters and a small room were all we needed. I mentioned above that I sought them out for the photos. I am in a transition where I will leave everything behind to be in Washington State after Nov 2nd to start my career again. This has made me revaluate who I am as an artist. I chose them because they reflected who I am as an artist.

Whitney: The same ambitions that I never made successful because of my fear of failure are being realized by whitney and her pursuit of theatre. The same degree as mine is being used and lives through what she does on stage. 

Isaac: Nothing I have ever dealt with comes close to the challenge they are facing, but they are always answering the question; " Would you love me no matter what?"

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