Trung Phan
IKEA, Let's Shoot our Engagement Photos in IKEA

    I met chris and chel while manning my booth at the Cerimon House Open House a little over a month ago. There, they noticed my photography, I made sure to stuff them full of sweets from Tres Belle Cookies, and we put each other in each others calenders to talk about wedding photogrpahy. A few weeks later, I can't tell you just how much fun we had taking photos in IKEA. 

    It astounds me how powerful of a tool it is to just ask. “Welcome to how to have a conversation with people with tact.” would be a wonderfully successful college course. I spoke to Chris, Chris spoke to IKEA, IKEA spoke to their marketing department, and their marketing department spoke to the district manager and we got the green light to shoot Chris and Chel’s engagement photos in their Portland Oregon store.

    There was a balance that we needed to achieve. We wanted to show off the fact that this was in Ikea as much as possible, at the same time, achieve a consistent look expected out of engagement photos. The key was to make sure that whatever they did, they had fun. Beds, closets, futons, chairs, and even the parking lot were all ours to use. 

    Some advice to people who get the opportunity to shoot in an IKEA like location, neutral clothing, additional lighting, and an unshy couple will be your friends.

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