Trung Phan
Wedding at the River Place

"Every season I take on one special wedding that I find myself a part of from the beginning. I took Claire and Alex's photos over a year ago at the Chattanooga Aquarium. You can find those photos in my albums.

3 Days before the wedding. I was on a plane while Claire and Alex did their last minute planning. 

2 days before the wedding. I met with my assistant and checked out the TN river place to see how the day will play out.

1 day before the wedding. I visited my family while Claire and Alex got ready.

The wedding day.

We started at the Tease Salon with hair and make up for most of the ladies, a few opted to have their hair done at a different location and we followed the bride to the TN River place directly after. The groom found his way there before the rest of us and the rest of the groomsmen were finishing getting dressed. I was very happy to see everyone's humor even during the wedding day heat. 

We went through the day with just one change in the schedule, I wanted to give the bride and groom one moment to themselves. Temperatures outside pushed 90° so we had a mini session inside for cocktail hour. I thought it was charming to see the couple joking a not taking life seriously; the way they've behaved together since I met them the first time.

I immensely enjoyed the festivities. ""Thank you to Claire and Alex for giving me the opportunity to come home for a few days from my new home in Vancouver, Washington.

Please enjoy and have a look around the website for more. If you were at Claire and Alex's wedding please drop me a message to receive a link to the full photo gallery.

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