Trung Phan
Scott and Bethany Surprise engagement on the rooftop!

In the heat of the summer the last minute proposals happen; and then comes the scramble to get married to have your first Christmas together. I had the chance to work with a couple that had everything planned and the last thing to put together was the actual engagement. Scott and I met on a rooftop in Portland to talk about their relationship and what he was hoping to get in the photos.

" I really want to do it on the 4th of July and I really want to surprise her."

"We can really do anything, the difficult part is really getting the fireworks in there. I recommend that we have elements in the photos that add that environmental lighting in that is a lot more dependable and consistent then fireworks."

" Lanterns?'


After the surprise shoot on the rooftop, we used the rest of the stylish AirBandB for a bedroom shoot. Totally worth it.

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