Trung Phan
Katelyn and Gabe

I have moved from home, and settled my new home out west. An amazing thing happend when I took a buisness trip back east for a few weeks. I announced my trip home and friend after friend helped spread the word and gave me the gift of being able to shoot photos with so many people. I got to learn so much and grew tremendously. To next time I will be back, see you guys again.

Katelyn and Gabe have shot with me before and I feel bad about it every time. Last time I stuck them in a waterfall in the winter. It was the best photo ever so I think that made up for numb limbs. None the less, this time I was just a little nicer doing an indoor shoot and then brought them outside for a photo in the canoe. The fun part of the story is how many things I climbed that day. Trees, roofs, stairs, just everything.

I hope you guys enjoy this big shift in my style of shooting. See you guys soon.

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