Trung Phan
Megan and Todd's one day after

What if I told you my hope is to shoot 110 weddings a year. I look at the absolute limit of my abilities and think this is a good stepping stone. Because after that, I want even more. But getting here first is a good goal. I wrote that number because I think its the limit of how many wedding I can do and keep it personal, each wedding is me in every way. I am there, and my heart is there. I gues after I get to 110, my heart just has to get bigger.

Megan and Todd were married one day before this photoshoot on Acadia Beach. In doing so, they look absolutely fantastic every time I saw them. it was the best dream; being on an unpopulated beach, the fog rolled in while he waves crashed. I am only sad that I did not get to bring more people with me to experience it all. Thank you guys for letting me be your photographer. I can't wait till you get to see your wedding photos.

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