Trung Phan
The Viking Wedding with De and Andrew

A year of planning, nine months of work on the wedding dress, and so many more hours on all of the costumes needed for the viking wedding. Myself and my assistant photographer woke up early ready to go on the 22nd of October, historically around the time that vikings would be traveling and raiding. Very fitting for our wedding. Then we got to work at Lincoln Memorial College. Can you imagine a sight where your ideas of how to theme your wedding reaches you guests and your venue as well? Not a single person could be spotted as modern.

"Hair and Makeup was done by the bridesmaids and Bride.

The dress was handmade by the brides grandmother.
all food was handled by food city in The Cumberland Gap and Middlesboro.

A special thank you to my assistant Sarah Mclaughlin and to Lincoln Memorial college as the venue for this very unique wedding."

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