Trung Phan
Trip to the Beach, Haystack Rock and a summer of Weddings
A giant rock where it shouldn't be.

A place of sand, clear sunlight, and the constant chaotic sounds of waves crashing. Now imagine endless strips of sand, littered with driftwood. The sound of your feet patting against it, of sand picked up by the wind and thrown elsewhere. All of it is muffled by the sounds of the waves and wind. An endless amount of water, completely undrinkable, illustrated as both calm and angry an uncountable amount of time in the history of human art and literature. Personified by our descriptions of human emotions. Documentations prove that our familiarity with the moon is in fact, higher than our collective intelligence of the oceans. Nothing known can exist both submerged indefinitely, and also thrive on land at the same time. So this is one of the great borders that we try to defy. We have redefined man-made boundaries for centuries, yet the one made by nature is only just  penetrable and only for selected amounts of time. Our entire species, can only be foreigners visiting.
Haystack rock is a massive structure right off the beach on the coast of Oregon. Cannon beach has quickly become one of my favorite places to go and think. I've only gone to visit in the winter, but I hear in the summer that is a notoriously solicited place for a wedding. Elopements and the like. In the warmer months daily ceremonies can be seen. I can easily see why. A charming little beach town, hotels that overlook the ocean, next to the Sea are seas of straw and grass in the dunes of beach sand. All popularized by a giant rock 50 yards into the water. At least, that was my impression before I got to go see it. When you see Haystack rock from a distance, you believe that it's just a big rock. Simple enough. But then you walk down the beach, it gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger. You suddenly realize that Haystack rock is not that close. The beach and the horizon has fooled you. If you parked at the statue of the whale, calling you for conservation of the oceans, you have to walk for 35 minutes to get to get Haystack rock. When you come nose to nose with it, you realize you're staring at a small mountain. It has obtained a slenderness to it available only by constant erosion The longer you look the more that you become in awe with the waves that crash into it. Giant powerful Constant sounds of water bashing against the rock. Jagged edges become more jagged, but being as massive as it is, the fauna has found a home on top away from the salt water even at its highest tide. 

Consistency is key to the noun that is a beach. Sand, ocean, sunshine. Haystack rock is an anomaly, A testament that with enough determination and girth. Being different, can be very attractive. 
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