Trung Phan
A Grey day in Vancouver Washington

Brooke and I took a tour around town. We met up on a Sunday for coffee and looked outside. Rain for the day and cold winds to go along with it. But the city was calling for us to explore. The first stop was the tower in the middle of the city that I kept asking about. On the walk there, the rain was patting the top of our heads with relentless persistence; never letting up. I learned a little bit about Brooke on the walk to Esther Park, we wanted to shoot right below the clock tower. Its a nice place in warmer weather, but deserted when we arrived. She has a history in theatre that reflected my own, but with a little bit more swing dance instead of ballet. 

After the park we simply made our way around town. The parking garage that over looked the city. A great view, regardless of the rain. In the summer I can imagine it would have been scorching but it was mild. The center building on top of the garage sheltered us from the rain. From the gutter we got a rhythmic patting sound that you could hear above the sounds of the city. Given it was super bowl Sunday, maybe we lucked out on the crowed, but I appreciated the opportunity to work with Brooke uninterrupted. 

Our next stop was the Vancouver community Library. Very modern by appreciable library standards. 5 floors, each devoted to a different genre; nonfiction, fiction, editorials, mysteries, etc. I will have to return to the coffee shop soon enough. 

I have to say after some food that that was our day. Come back next week and our next Sunday adventure will be up.

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