Trung Phan
Urban Exploring with Jayce in Vancouver Washington

This shoot was a chance to work around the weather that did not hold up very well in my last attempt to explore the city. It's possibly my own fault for believing I could outsmart the Portland/Vancouver weather. A photoshoot on Sunday, Rain. A day in the office editing on Monday, sunshine. Then another photoshoot on Tuesday, rain. You start to realize its something to work with, not fight. 

Coffee, edit, meet up, photos; I couldn't ask for a better day. Jayce is a new friend so we spent some time just getting to know each other. If you follow my Instagram at Trungphanphoto you would have seen we went to go look at puppies and ate mall food after the photoshoot. Standard protocol kind of thing. There is a parking garage downtown, and its become a favorite spot. Nooks and corners giving me control over the light. The stairway funneled the great overcast sky to give a gorgeous look in Jayce's eyes centered in her parka. 

You will see Jayce again, but next time we will probably work together on one of her projects in video. Head over to the booking page to have me as your photographer!

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