Trung Phan
Leaving work for family
I usually meet a lot of people at coffee shops. This is not really news to a majority of my friends due to that is how we probably met as well. Running into Steven and Corrie was a matter of being in the right place at the right time. I stood up and my leg was asleep, thats how the conversation began. It ended with a lot of local knowledge of scenic locations in town and the proposal to have some family photos done. I had stepped away from family portraiture when the wedding photography picked up but I thought that this was a good chance to familiarize myself with the area and also how to approach family and groups in the Pacific North West. My new home.
Back to Steven and Corrie, they are in the process of transforming their work. This was they can spend more time with their two kids and the third child on the way. A big thanks to them for helping set my roots in Washington.
A trip to Fort Vancouver, a shoot around the land bridge, and deep greens all around the apple orchard. Its also very true here, if its raining, just wait fifteen minutes.
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