Trung Phan
Thanksgiving in Portland at the International Hostel
Since coming to the west coast, its been pretty lonely. I have not really met anyone and I have been traveling a lot so that keeps me from setting roots anywhere either. This has been changing over that previous few weeks but I knew I would be spending thanksgiving by myself. Thats when I found myself at the International Hostel. Every year they hold the Orphan Thanksgiving. It was a great evening, spending time with strangers like family. 
Food is made for everyone in the kitchen and everyone is invited. If you are ever in the area at the right time, its a great thing to go and do. 
The day after it was time to go our separate ways but I ran into one of the other residents on her way out. Her name is Nōh. She was headed to the Portland International Airport. I offered her a ride but she wanted to walk the six hours to see the city. Before we went our separate ways she was up for a photoshoot at the coffee shop and and making our way back to the International Hostel we were able to get some of the other late to leave residents as well.
This was a fun day that turned into a side project. I have no doubts that I will probably go back there one day and book their best room just to see the city on the ground again. Then maybe one day I can see it from a highrise. Then on an another Thanksgiving some time in the future, I will join them again for the Orphan Thanksgiving. 
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