Trung Phan
My Trip to General George C. Marshall House. Weddings, events, historical home.

Cookies, cookies and decorations, I stepped in and knew that a celebration was being decorated for. My right side was warmer then my right and I looked over to see a hostess introducing me to the home and its history. The warmth was probably from her office kept warm from the cold Vancouver winter.

A few weeks into my relocation to Vancouver WA I started to explore more of the local venues to establish myself as a new local photographer, I came across fort Vancouver as a hint from a client. I made time for myself to explore the Pearson Air museum and the Vancouver Barracks located by the fort. But the Marshall house caught my attention. Perhaps it was only a matter of time since the visitors center front desk informed me “yes, weddings are held through the event space by the hanger, at the gazebo, but mostly from the house across the street. It was home of  brigadier general in the 1936”. Obviously this meant I needed to make my way to a historic Queen anne style and take photos.

The home itself was built in 1886 and was inhabited by George C. Marshall during his stay as brigadier general working at the fort commanding the Third Division's 5th Infantry Brigade and the region's Civilian Conservation Corps camps. Stepping inside, I was greeted very warmly by the hostess and allowed a little bit of freedom to explore and take photos of the venue. A little bit of a tour ensued. The library with one of fifteen bookshelves remaining. The others taken by Marshal to his later home in Virginia. The upstairs living quarters were inhabited by governors as offices. Unfortunately for me, the way to the tower was behind that door. Another time. My mind raced on where to place a bride. Top of the stairs now strewn with Christmas decor, or take the bride to the parlor, library, or simply to the front of the building. All impressive with antiques collected for the museum all relevant to the era.

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