Trung Phan
Family for the Holidays
A Christmas tree was still up even though it was January 1st. It was incredibly green and I wondered if it was real. Stepping in to see what equipment I would need, I smelled the pine and looked closely. It may have been a fake tree but it shed all the same. A few needles were on the spotless floor next to doors that led nowhere outside. We were three stories up a city away from the heart of Portland. I was informed later that it was appropriate for them to celebrate Christmas on January 6 and new years is celebrated over a few days. The grandparents were still choosing cloths to change into as I decided to arrive 30 minutes early. Grandpa was of course, completely ready and as relaxed as you can expect. Mother was cleaning the small things out of the apartment that were absolutely no bother to me. And, we meet Daniel, the baby of the day. Hungry with his father over the crib feeding him his bottle. I snapped a quick photo before I walk out to my vehicle for my Samsonite suitcase with all of my equipment in it.

I hope we all enjoyed the holidays and got to be home. This family brought me to their home, along with Armen's parents and sister. I arrived to shoot photos with them and their newborn showing their love of the holidays and proof that home is what you make of it, and the people you have with you. It won't be long before they relocate to northern California and away from the Portland area where I have made my home. So I leave them with these photos of their family in an amazingly well lit apartment.

Little six week old Daniel was a joy to work with. A baby that looks where the noise is, sunbathed by the window, and decides that the photographer is the best person to hold him. Didn't cry once in my arms! A red fox toy also repeats in the photos and a red fox blanket as well so we can guess what Daniels favorite animal will be when he gets older.

10 minutes through the shoot it was apparent that communication would be essential. Luckily, all you have to do is put on Abba as background music, everyone gets into the photo shooting mood, and we just do our best to make sure everyone is happy. I left with a sense of gratitude for the kindness, and the slice of tiramisu they offered to me

For the Photographer:
For this shoot I used my array of lenses except for the macro lens. It was important to me to capture the life they had built so a majority of my images were made with the Sony 55mm f/1.8 and the Canon 28mm f/2.8 adapted lenses. A flash was also used along with the natural light and a grey card for balancing the two light sources. All shot on the Sony A7ii and processed with Lightroom and photoshop.
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