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I'm Trung Phan, and I have the incredible privilege of being a wedding photographer. To me, photography isn't just about taking pictures – it's about weaving the threads of love into timeless moments. My journey has led me from traversing the Appalachian trail to embarking on cross-country adventures, all while refining my skills and gathering the perfect tools to ensure that I can help craft your most cherished memories. Oh, and let's just say, coffee is the secret behind my perpetual motion – it fuels about 80% of my daily life.

When your special day arrives, my entire focus is on you and your partner. I'm not just here to capture moments; I'm here to understand your story, your dreams, and your unique vision. Every smile, every tear, every shared glance – these are the fragments of your love story that I'll delicately preserve. If you'd like, take a leisurely stroll through some of my treasured snapshots, and don't hesitate to get in touch. Let's embark on a journey to craft something profoundly beautiful together.

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I'd be delighted to share some of my favorite galleries with you. One question that frequently arises is whether it's possible to view complete wedding collections. Fortunately, I have the perfect solution to satisfy your curiosity. You can find the option to view full weddings right here, providing you with a delightful viewing experience.


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While my true passion lies behind the camera, I don't shy away from being on the other side. I believe it's crucial to empathize with those I photograph and comprehend the expectations I have of them. However, if you're interested in getting to know me on a personal level, I invite you to explore the "About Me" section, where you'll find more information about who I am.

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You'll be directed to the booking system on my website. As soon as I receive your information, I'll review it and get in touch with you to confirm details such as availability and recommendations. With these details confirmed, you can rest assured that you've secured your wedding photographer.

Meet Me in Person

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Before you book me, I would love to meet you in person and get to know each other. Let's grab a cup of coffee and chat about your vision for your wedding day. This will give you the opportunity to see if I am the right photographer for you and to check out some more of my work. I believe that getting to know each other beforehand will allow me to capture your special day in the best way possible.