Hey There!

My name is Trung Phan and I'd like to introduce myself as a photographer, as a friend, as a Coffee lover, and maybe just the photo guy.

As a Photographer: Wedding photography is my full-time work, commitment, and passion. I can't tell you the joy that I get when I'm faced with the challenge of making sure that your day is captured the best way it can be. Every wedding is unique, every couple is important to me, and I can't imagine myself being anything else and the wedding photographer that wants to take care of everyone. 

As a friend: I hiked the Appalachian trail, I traveled from the east coast to the west coast with only a half filled car trunk with Portland Oregon in my sights, and if we wanna fight just ask me how I feel about Windows VS. Mac  computers.

As a Coffee Lover: There is a strong possibility that I re-located to the other side of the country and made my home in Portland Oregon because of the coffee.

As a Photo Guy: Photography degree From King University, 10 + years of Photography experience, and a second degree that I do not use at all, but it did pay for college so I am not really complaining at this point.

What I do

I had a very important professor tell me as I was getting my formal education in photography that "People just want to know that they will be taken cared of, so remember that you are always talking to a person that has had as many ups and downs as you have."

That inspired a couple of standards in my photography:

1- My engagement shoots are free with any wedding booking, because it gives me a chance to get to know you guys.

2 - Travel is very important because you get to know this one floating rock that we all hang out on.

3 - The photos that I am taking are for you, your current and future family, and everyone that loves you. These are important moments that turn into heirlooms.

I get the incredible opportunity to take that trust, and turn it into something that makes you cry, makes your friends envious, and your family never forget.

What is Trung Phan Photography

My style is all about bringing out the gems in your wedding day. Small or large things that may be forgotten, missed,or not easily remembered. I also enjoy a little bit of energy in photos. Using both flash and natural light to get an organic and dynamic feel to the photos.