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Here are some commonly asked question answered!

"what if someone else is interested im my date?"
  • After and in person or phone consultation, you date is held for two weeks.

"Do you travel for photography?"
  • Very often infact! My 2019 season was actually as much out of state as in Oregon/Washington

"How many weddings do you shoot per year"
  • As many as I can! I have yet to hit my upper limit so if I am available on your date, we meet up, go over as many details as we can, and I do everything in my power to be there on one of the most important days.
" How soon should I book?"
  • If I am in your sights as your photographer, I recogmend right after you decide on a date and venue. Summer and Fall dates go fast in a first come first serve basis. So when you are ready, please reach out with the contact form and lets get talking!
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