Trung Phan

I and They

March 05, 2019

Something about the couple,

I met Whitney and Issac when they were allready married, working towards their career in a local cafe and daycare, and we built up to the photoshoots. Their love was kind and soft with a big emphisis on the moments in-between. I got to spend just enough time with them to understand just how much can be said by being quiet. 

Something about the photographer,

 This entry has been uploaded multiple times as my website is re-invented. I get a chance to look back at my old text and remember, I was a really bad writer. But there were some points that I touched on that brought back a lot of good memories. The Most important one was the knowlege of this being one of the last big projects that I took cared of before leaving the TN Area and going into the Portland area. And yes, I drove across the U.S. to get here. Why did I always choose this as the first Journal entry? I was asking myself this as much as I was asking a general audience on social media. I think its becasue this was the transitional project. I wanted to put as much as I could into it to say goodbye. my childhood area, my family, all of my friends, and all of my resources were being left behind for the chance to make something more. Now I have a list of Cafe's that I can go to, write, and meet people. A lot has changed but this set of photos, remonds me of what I felt when I was moving on. 

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