Trung Phan

Corrie and Davin in DC. Surprise proposal photography

June 01, 2019

Some dear friends are getting married


Corrie and Davin and I have a significant history together. I left the original TN area right as their relationship began. In my visits back to the area I got to know davin just a little more each time. And Corrie and I have always had the the kind of sibling relationship that goes from close friends, confidant, to saying mean words to each other that only the other can understand as loving banter. 
    Their incredible hard work in both their lives and and professional relationship has always been an inspiration to me in my life working in wedding photography, specifically my time in portland wedding work. Long hours, personal sacrifices, and resilience. 

    Their wedding proposal was wonderful journey. Davin contacted me in secret and we had been planning the proposal for the last year before their vacation to the D.C. area. Corrie calls me occasionally and for the last year I have just had to lie to her and tell her that I have not known anything about the their wedding. But I shaved my head to complete my disguise, flew across the united states in secret, and brought the team together to get the surprise proposal at the lincoln Memorial at D.C.
    Now they are working towards that dream of an indian fusion wedding fall 2020! 

Enjoy their photos and if you have any questions about your own wedding photography, please reach out on the booking page!

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